Hidden Meadow Boarding Kennel offers professional boarding in facilities designed to meet our guests' needs and keep them safe. Our indoor/outdoor runs have been professionally manufactured to insure the safety and security of your pet.  
    Our large enclosures enable our clients to bring any and all amenities from home and allow our guests to expend plenty of energy and then have plenty of room to relax. Even our smallest individual runs are fourteen feet long by four feet wide and can accomodate multiple pets from the same family.  Pets that are used to living together can still have plenty of room. 
    Our buildings are heated and air conditioned to ensure every pet is comfortable year round. In addition to our indoor/outdoor runs, we allow each pet private access to our large exercise yards at least four times daily, which works out to be just about every three to four hours. No pets are ever given physical access to any other pets not of their own family. 
    Our facility is set up to make your pet's stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. There are only two requirements for boarding--the first is that your pet's vaccinations are up to date ( we strongly recommend the bordatella vaccine) and the second is that you provide their food. It is important to keep each pet on their regular diet.  

Our Facility