We offer a single price for our boarding services and we believe it to be one of the lowest prices around. Our standard enclosures are 72 square feet and we do not discriminate by size or breed. We believe we offer the greatest value by providing the most space and the best service available for an affordable price that doesn't take advantage of our customers' deep love for their canine family members.  We never charge extra for administering any sort of medicine or for following any specific mealtime instructions or special care instructions. This has been our ethos since we opened in 2004.  
    We charge by the day. In order to calculate the total potential charges for boarding your pets, always count the day they check in, no matter the time. Only count the day they check out if they check out after noon. For example, checking in on Friday and checking out Sunday morning is two days. Checking in Friday and checking out Sunday afternoon or evening is three. 

We charge $15.00 per day per dog.